Mr. Heinegg′s English Classes

Grade 10

Homework and handouts for the grade 10 English class

Grade 12

Homework and handouts for the grade 12 English class
Recent Assignments

grade 12 – days 28-34

we have read King Lear through Act IV and taken a quiz on it mid-way

on Monday and Tues, we will wrap Lear and do a final quiz

we are past root 100….

we have written two college essays –

next week, students will write an essay that takes stock of what they learned in quarter #1

grade 12, days 23-27

this we are reading King Lear

by Weds: read to Act II in Lear

I am correcting the second round of college essays –

we will have a quiz on the first 1/2 of Lear soon…

here’s the bank:


King Lear, Gloucester, Edmund, Edgar, Osvald, Kent, Goneril, Regan, Cordelia, Albany, Cornwall, Caius, The Fool, France, Burgundy

Misc Bank:

Job, The Satan!, God, Theodicy, The Wheel of Fortune, The Great Chain of Being, “Nothing,” The Horoscopes, God’s Wisdom

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